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Xilinx, Inc. is an American technology company that develops highly flexible and adaptive processing platforms. The company invented the field-programmable gate array, programmable system-on-chips, and the adaptive compute acceleration platform. It is the semiconductor company that created the first fabless manufacturing model. Xilinx’s products are used across many industries and technologies, including the data center, wired & wireless communications, AI/ML, automotive, industrial, consumer, aerospace and defense and Broadcast & Pro-AV.

A former employee said this in a review “Do not go to Xilinx, terrible managers and decision makers, horrible HR systems, really bad salary compensation, very poor employee benefits and lack of work culture".


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Former Employee - Manager says

"Indian Managers are micro-managers, They are for long time in system from a parent service company and built the same culture , If you are joining as a lateral, It will be difficult for you to survive if there sahre price falls and they will try to find one or the other reason to remove you, Not reccomended for laterals to join at high pay. The higher managment in india are people with no technical knowledge, they know about something in the system but try to play politics, There are people good for nothing because they are from a long time in the system and they dont want to even change . pathetic company"

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Overly paid : So, you don't get other opportunity so easily. Politics : Your 95% of time is wasted to handle know the politics and manage in such situations.No productivity Poor management. You will be very much disappointed with work, culture and politics."

Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"no personal life , lot of workload"

Current Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"uses older technologies. learning will be zero after some time"

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"No Work-life balance. Management creates unnecessary work pressure. Boss is always right."

Software Engineer II says

"Growth in the company is bad"

Senior Software Engineer II says

"Conservative management Office politics Absense of heterogeneous work force(like one found in Bangalore)"

Senior Verification Engineer says

"NO challenge in work specially in IPS group Routine work More work load Stringent deadlines"

Senior Engineer says

"Too much hierarchy and no visibility. Mgrs get all visibility"

Current Employee - Senior Design Engineer says

"1. Although initial package is good, poor appraisals ruin ur market value .. mostly due to cheap management tecnics 2. Monotonous work culture - no choice to explore other options either 3. Work cant be graded on par with work at other semiconductor companies 4. Most of work involves automation and ease of use for customers - specially in PPG group"

Senior Staff Technical Writer/Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Nice Building. Nice People. Management practices are not so nice. If you might be a contender for a management position do not pass it up because the person who might be managing you could not know what they are doing.Interesting workNo Work/Life Balance"

Wireless Systems Specialist, Principal (Current Employee) says

"do not go to Xilinx terrible managers and decision makers horrible HR systems not very good salary compensation very poor employee benefits very competition work culture inside"

Business Manager, Business Operations (Former Employee) says

"The company has not invested in the infrastructure needed to meet the XV goals.In addition, the past few years the culture has negatively changed. Management no longer cares about work/life balance,despite meeting goals and objectives salary increases, promotions and bonus payouts are few and far between.Xilinx was a great place to work where an employees contribution was appreciated and valued. This is no longer the case."

Senior Technical Marketing Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Xilinx used to be a good place to work, but during the past few years new management has dramatically changed the work environment for the worse. Management no longer cares about any kind of work/life balance, employees are now just a commodity, moral is low, and despite meeting goals and objectives the salary increases, promotions and bonus payouts are few and far between. Most of people I know who are still there are worried they will be the next to get laid off.good technologytoo many to name here..."

Desktop Support Technician (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work involved phone support, email support, walkup support for NT and Solaris issues. The site was woefully understaffed, and I was closing around 40-50 tickets a day in order to try and keep up. I learned how to manage time efficiently and live in two different operating systems, and how to function as helpdesk level 1 support and walkup level 2 support at the same time. Management gave minimal guidance and had minimal engagement with customer service or customer support, and zero long term plan, and as a standard worker my input was not taken into consideration. The hardest part of the job was lack of manpower. Initially it was me and one other, and I had no training, and we had 2,000 users to support! Eventually a team of four of us got it nailed down. The most enjoyable part of the job was the lack of manpower. It really forced hard work, creative time management, and careful use of time for troubleshooting and good methodology.Decent lunchesNo breaks, expected to work overtime for free."

Senior Software Manager (Former Employee) says

"Mgmt keeps employees in fear of layoff so they work stupid hours. Politics runs rampant, it's all about who you know and who likes you.good salariestoo many to list!"

Product Engineer (Former Employee) says

"- Relentless costing cutting by top management - No job security due to constant re-org to reduce overhead cost - Very limited opportunity for career growthMedical BenefitsVery rigid and bureaucratic"

Regional Sales Manager - Bay Region (Former Employee) says

"Xilinx is a fairly hard driving, high stress environment. The focus is on top line revenue growth and the approach is aggressive. The work environment is results oriented with no excuses mind set.Focused, driven, good resourcesToo many things "on the plate", no career advancement opportunities, to appreciation for results already accomplished (what have you done for me lately)"

Sr Verification Engineer (Former Employee) says

"everyday new work is imposed however everything is specific to company's methodologies which pay no worth outside. over time, work becomes monotonous"

GTC Specialist (Former Employee) says

"It is an industry leader in product, but not an industry leader on job culture. Ie depending on who you work for working remotely will be frowned upon. Seems like workers who do not perform get to skate by until there is a layoff or reorg which can be frustrating to those who are performers. Also, advancement opportunities do not seem to happen. Team work and collaborating is great. Having a good team experience with clearly defined roles is good.on site gym, cafe, team work and collaboration, work life balanceLow pay, no career advancement, no flex hour/remote work"

Import Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Very poor management & communication! No management support or way to advance. All employees were very disgruntled and wanting to leave. No clear job descriptions"

Director in Sales (Former Employee) says

"Overall strategy is not clear, needs a breakout growth strategy that is clearly communicated and funded. Great people to work with, a lot of new business people, that will take time to settle in and get aligned."

Senior Business System Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Xilinx is committed to continuous expansion of these customer initiatives in future generations of Xilinx’s All Programmable technologies and devices. Xilinx has the portfolio to enable design teams to develop All Programmable electronic systems. This expands their system value advantages, addresses the industry’s "programmable imperative" by reducing exploding design costs, and dramatically increases flexibility and lowers risk in a rapidly changing market environment.Innovative, Challenging, Result OrientedLong after working hours"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The company was great when I started here, but has recently de-emphasized culture for delivering products, which have unfortunately not gained traction. It still has a lot of good people, but the politics has gotten much worse in my time there. There is no recourse for providing feedback on managers, and any feedback provided (even through HR) isn't taken seriously. That said, I did achieve some great things here. The engineering work was enjoyable when not sabotaged by artificial management deadlines. Most teams work with the India office, and the night meetings get very stressful week-in week-out."

Supply Chain Management Forecast Planner (Former Employee) says

"The culture at Xilinx changed during my time there. The goal was to move as many jobs as possible to Asia which made it difficult to feel secure in your position."

Senior Manager (Former Employee) says

"Xilinx was personally a great work experience for me. The workweek is 50-60 hrs, with the expectation of electronic/mobile availability after hours and on weekends. The work environment is intense with a gruesome review process and semi-annual layoffs, yet the pay and benefits were excellent.Pay, Benefits, and top class coworkersEarly mornings, late nights, lunch al desko..."

Product Marketing Eng (Former Employee) says

"It's a good place to work especially for new colledge grads with reasonable compensation and benefits. There are many smart engineers who always put in 100%, though there are tons of red tapes and poor decision making among the top management teams.Reasonable compensation and benefitsPoor management"

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Established company still growing in new directions. Good product. Lots of unknowns with the new direction of the company. Potential for frequent strategy changes in some areas of business.Good productLots of unknowns with the new direction of the company"

New Hire Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"Typical day: efficiently completing core responsibilities. Co-workers are helpful but median age is very high company-wide.ncg programlack of growth"

Signal Integrity Engineer (Former Employee) says

"I worked mostly in the lab. Lab work was interesting and fun. Setting up all the equipments and getting the tests done was a good experience. Management and coworkers were friendly."

mahesh Venkat says

"Could have been more slower"

customer says

"Very bad service . They do not respond for weeks . I had sent an email asking for why my money go deducted there was no follow up on that. I had to call am and lost a lot of money. Do not subscribe , there are so many free courses . This is not worth the money ."

Yolanda Nagy says

"Did not help me at all. Waste of time and money"

customer says

"Money was charged on my visa card monthly which I did not pre-authorize. This company is a scam. When I signed up i paud $30 to get into the website assuming I had access to videos on the site, but I was wrong. In order to view videos you must pay again. I never got to use this website I wish I could just get my money back."

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